Tumbler Information

The Lortone QT12 / QT66 Tumbler

 Lortone QT12

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At Bullseye Reloading we carry the QT12 / QT66 tumbler only in the QT12 configuration, which is a single 12 Lb drum. The QT66 version has two smaller drums.

Features specifications include:

  • Wet and Dry Media compatible (Stainless Steel Media, or Walnut/Corncob)
  • 12 Pound capacity barrel, Inside Dimensions 7-1/2" Deep x 6-3/4" Diameter
  • Welded steel frame and Heavy-Duty UL Listed Motor
  • Soft Rubber watertight barrel makes for quiet operation
  • Inside of barrel is Decagonal providing for great agitation
  • Limited One Year Warranty by Manufacturer for Parts and Labor


  • The tumbler has a combined capacity of 12 pounds. This includes Media, Brass and water.
  • We find that 5 lbs of Media, 4 to 4 1/2 lbs of Brass and enough water to cover is approx. 12lbs
  • Here are some examples of Dirty Cases per pound with primers still in. Multiply by 4 rifle cases by 4 and pistol cases by 4.5 to get approximate tumbler capacity. Removing primers prior to tumbling gets you more cases per pound capacity and clean primer pockets.
  • 9mm Luger - 118 cases per pound
  • 38spl - 103 cases per pound
  • 40s&w - 100 cases per pound
  • .357mag - 90 cases per pound
  • .44mag - 61 cases per pound
  • .45acp - 78 cases per pound
  • .223 - 73 cases per pound
  • .308 - 39 cases per pound
  • .50bmg - 8 cases per pound


  • If using your stainless steel media for the first time CLEAN IT FIRST, the pins have manufacturing oil on them. They should be ran for several 10 minute tumbles, on their own,  changing the soapy water out between runs until the water comes out clear. Refer to our Pellet Pin Use Information page for more information. The following method is also shown in the Video below.
  • The following is the way we use our QT12 tumblers, you may modify your method, this is only a guide.
    • In our QT12 drum we place our 5 Lbs of ULTRA 47™ Media
    • We add 4-1/2 pounds of pistol or 4 pounds of rifle brass. (The difference being it seems to take more water to cover the rifle brass)
    • We add just enough water to just cover the brass and media.
    • We add a quality dish washing detergent such as dawn. (Soft water only requires a few drops, Hard water requires more. Start with a few drops and check after a few mins of tumbling for good bubbles, add more detergent if needed)
    • We add 1/8 teaspoon of Lemi Shine (more is not better, too much can discolor your brass)
    • We place the drum on top of an object to indent bottom of drum as we install lid in order to create a slight vacuum in the drum, ensuring a good lid seal. Check for leaks.
    • We place the drum in the frame and plug in motor. The drum should start rotating without any assistance.
    • We tumble our pistol brass for 40-60 minutes, rifle brass for up to 4 hours.
    • We separate our brass from the pins using a material classifier (a big sieve) and a nylon paint strainer bag.
    • We rinse off our brass and place it on cloth covered pans and allow to air dry.